‘Rong Moyla’ – My Thoughts on Colorism



I was going through my childhood album the other day, you might have seen it on my stories. While going through it, I remembered how much darker I used to be. And the amount of bullshit I had to hear growing up, surprisingly just the few years when I actually lived in Bangladesh.

You know, just the usual of, “rong moyla” (which literally translates to your skin color is dirty) and “use turmeric with yogurt and some unicorn poop to turn fair”. These mostly came from strangers, people who didn’t even know me yet needed to make some comment about the way I looked. My mom would shut them up on the spot though, she didn’t take anyone’s bs when it came to her daughters. Love you ammu!♥️



But I’m not here to talk about those illiterate, narrow-minded and downright mean people (maybe just a little bit actually 😝). But I do want to talk about those close to me who NEVER let that be a factor in how they let me live my life.

My parents never asked me to not walk in the sun, so I get dark (I’ve had friends strictly forbidden to do so!). I was never asked to try this homemade remedy or that. They never made my life goal to get lighter so that I’ll get married 🙄



My worth was not measured by the lightness of my skin tone. I was never seen as anything less because of something as measly as my color. And as I grow older, I want to make sure that Baby Z, and my future daughter (iA) knows where they need to put in the work. Go out and play in the sun all you want, but be kind to those you’re playing with. Be honest. Be intellectual. Be caring. Be positive. Be creative. Be funny. Be confident. And please, go ahead and be dark.



But unfortunately, to this day, I see some parents look for “a fair girl for my perfect little son”. I’m sorry, Aunty, have you taught your 30 year old ‘prince’ (who is no Shah Rukh Khan let me tell you) to make the bed and do the dishes? How about you focus on that? And the door is that way. And while you leave, here, take all the respect I ever had for you with you.

And because recently I’ve had this conversation with some of my friends here, girls, let me tell you, please don’t give a s*** about these people. This goes to show how their mentality is, and you’re way better off being far far away from them. Don’t let people who see nothing but your skin color dictate how you see your amazing self. Please.

Also,if they’re insulting your looks, are they not being critical of Allah’s creation as it is Allah that made us the way we are? Think about that, Aunty.

This look is for those aunties 😛

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