Cafe Crawl – Ladurée

For my birthday this year, my lovely sister invited me to Ladurée. We went to Ladurée Dubai together a few years ago, so it felt really special to be spending another afternoon together across the world. She went all the way out and treated me to their high-tea. It was a very nice afternoon indeed as we caught up over macarons, madeleine and tea. (Shoutout to my amazing husband for babysitting Baby Z ❤ )



Each set comes with a drink, a bowl of fresh salad, 2 mini sandwiches, mini croque-monsieur, 2 madeleines, 3 macarons, and a tray of assorted tarts. It is a little bit on the pricey side ($50 per person) but I’d say it’s worth it 🙂






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