Montreal Food Guide – Best Places to Eat in the City

Montreal is THE city for foodies! During my undergrad, I explored so many different places to eat with my friends. Every time I visit, I try to hit up some of my favourite spots. Sharing some of the best places to eat in Montreal for your next trip!

I’m Tasnim – a food & travel blogger from Toronto


There is no shortage of cafes in the city, and each comes with it’s own charm. Sharing my top recommendations:

  • Cafe Parvis has a great selection of drinks and food. Their pizza is delicious, I recommend trying Watercress (tomato, avocado, green onion sour cream, feta, jalapeño vinaigrette)! 
  • Cafe Aunja cozy Persian coffee and tea spot. Great place to hang out with friends.
  • Tommy Cafe grab a cup from this historical building on Notre-Dame street.
  • SoLIT Cafe variety of pastries and drinks to choose from! The ceiling decked with oranges and vines takes your somewhere warmer.


Montreal has some of the best food, and there’s a few things they do best – I’m talking about Montreal style bagels, poutines and smoked meat sandwiches. I’m also adding a vegetarian spot I absolutely love!

Halal Restaurants:

Going from Toronto, Montreal Halal food scene is definitely limited, but here’s some great options:


Ending this post on a sweet note, here are some of my favourite dessert spots:

  1. Cacao 70 Eatery
  2. Juliette & Chocolat
  3. Rockaberry
  4. C’ChoColat

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