Pregnancy Memoirs Part 3 – Second Trimester

I came back to Toronto from Dubai just as I entered second trimester. I still had all of August off before I was scheduled to start teaching from September. The plan was to take it easy and see how things go, and depending on that I would be going back to work or staying home.

As soon as I got back, I scheduled my doctor’s appointment. I went to see the doctor the very next day, and for an ultrasound two days later. Here is a note I wrote while waiting for my ultrasound:

At the ultrasound, I got to hear my baby’s heart beat – dhadhak…dhadhak…dhadhak. I got to see his little nose, and him sucking his fingers! There was a human inside of me; a living, moving, little human. SubhanAllah. I couldn’t hold back the tears. How beautiful is Allah’s creation? How powerful is He? To have another life, another heart beating, inside of you must be one of the greatest examples of His mercy. I couldn’t stop smiling, and crying, and just being overwhelmed.


They told us the baby’s due date was February 14th, 2018. A valentine’s baby for a very cheesy mommy, of course! 😛

Health wise, I was starting to feel a lot better. I wasn’t constantly nauseous, and my appetite was finally back. I was so happy to be able to enjoy food again – one of my greatest pleasures in life 😉

I was back to work in September, teaching and enjoying it as I always do. I started taking weekly pictures of my growing tummy (and baby!). And I very much enjoyed using the app “What to Expect”. They give you weekly updates on your baby’s size and development. I looked forward to reading it every Tuesday.

We also got to know the gender of our little baby! We did a small intimate gender reveal with immediate family, and we found out we were having a little baby boy!


Second trimester was amazing for me, alhamdulillah. But my dad told me, “this is called the honeymoon period, enjoy it as much as you can, because it will get harder again as you enter trimester 3”. And unfortunately, he was right! More of that on the next post…

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