Travel With Me- Schomberg, Ontario

Travel With Me-Schomberg, Ontario

Schomberg is a small town in Ontario. It was the perfect weekend getaway with my husband last summer! It’s close enough to Toronto so we didn’t have to drive too long (about an hour and half each way), but also very secluded and private so we got a lot of quite down time together. 🙂

We got the cabin through Airbnb. It was cosy and small and just perfect for the two of us. Everything in the cabin runs on solar and wind power and is basically self-sustaining. There is no source of running water but the host did leave a big bottle for us to use.  The cabin had a compost toilet inside, which was easy to use, didn’t smell bad or anything and of course is environmentally friendly.

There is a also a gas stove and barbeque machine (pictures below). We took just enough food for the two days we were there, as there is no fridge. We grilled some beef patties and made burgers late at night 😛 that burger tasted extra special!

My favourite part of the trip was sitting by the lake with the love of my life and star-gazing by the campfire as the moon travelled across the sky.

So go ahead and enjoy the pictures below 🙂

p.s. if you’re in the GTA looking for a short getaway, I would definietly recommend this trip!


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