Travel With Me – Tiny House in Schomberg

We decided to get away from the city and enjoy all the snow we’ve been getting this winter. We booked this tiny house for a few days, just 45 minutes from Toronto. It had the coziest setup, and was the perfect getaway we needed.

It has a loft-style bedroom with a king-sized bed, and our favourite part – a skylight! It allowed plenty of light during the day, and we gazed at the stars while falling asleep at night. And even though we went in the middle of winter, with -25* C weather at night, the heater kept us plenty warm for a good night’s sleep. The bed was big enough for us 3 to sleep comfortably, and spacious enough upstairs to hang out!

There’s 2 stoves, and we were able to make coffee, hot chocolate, toast bread and make eggs for breakfast. We also packed plenty of snacks, as always! We took cut up fruits, cheese, popcorn, chips, granola bars, marshmallows, hot chocolate, and cupcakes!

There are also restaurants just a few minutes away by car. I was pleasantly surprised that Uber-eats was available for delivery, so that helped narrow down our dinner options at night.

There is running water that’s safe to drink, but we also took water bottles for the convenience.

Let’s talk about the bathroom situation – it’s a composting toilet, very nicely designed, and clean. It takes some getting used to, but there’s simple instructions posted! There’s also a bidet system for the flush.

For entertainment – the TV had Netflix, wifi was good enough if you’re trying to WFH, and plenty of space outside to explore. Zakariya rode around on his sled and we got to walk around (very spacious farmland and the foresty area must be a nice hike in the summer).

Things to pack – take snacks, comfy socks (if you’re going in the winter), drinks, and toys for kids.

I also made a video with the highlights of this trip, you can watch that here 🙂

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