Endy 100 Night Review

Once upon a time, there was a family of two.

With a new baby, the two became three.

The mommy loved to sleep, but the baby would not let it be

First it was the night feedings and wake ups, but as the baby grew, so did her back pain. 

That, along with a not-so-comfortable mattress, led her to seek answers to…

How can I get some proper sleep?

Who has this magic potion? 

In her search, she found a spell!

After seeking out witches and wizards, she finally got the answer



It feels like just yesterday I came home to find my Endy boxes waiting for me. I was so excited to partner with them because I have been hearing people rave about the mattress and I could not wait to try it. I made the order for a queen sized mattress, two Endy pillows and the Endy bedding.

The order arrived within days! The packaging was so compact, and the set up so simple. Nahyan and I both tend to delay furnture setup as we don’t enjoy it, but setting up our Endy was effortless! The instuctions are super easy to follow, and we were able to do it right away.


Ever since we started sleeping on our Endy, the quality of my sleep has improved. I no longer find myself tossing and turning at night. And because the mattress reduces motion transfer, I don’t wake up if Nahyan moves or gets up early for work! The last 100 nights have been amazing. And unless Zakariya wakes up at night, I have been able to get a good 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I feel like a whole new person!


We are all very pleased with our ENDY mattress. The spell of bad nights sleep has been broken for this mommy! If you want to break yours, use code ‘IBAKE50’ to save $50 off your order!


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