Baby Teething Products

Hey guys! Hope you got a full night’s sleep, because we didn’t 😦 Our precious baby is 7 months old and teething. Any parent will tell you how rough this phase is. He’s fussy, cranky, and just not sleeping well. It’s been so hard for him and for us as well.

I have been trying different products to help him out, and here’s my top 5 recommended products from amazon! They definitely help make life a little easier.

If you have any questions about any of them, I’d love to answer!

  1. This rubber teether is my go to when I see he is starting to get fussy. I usually wash it and leave it in the fridge so it’s a little cold when he chews on it. Click here to get it!

2. These water-filled rubber teethers are also great! And it’s always a good idea to have these in different rooms, and one in his diaper bag, always. Click here

3. So many moms swear by this product for their teething babies. I tried it out, and became a fan of it as well.  It’s a homeopathic medicine for painful gums. I usually give one to him before bed so he sleeps better. Click here

4. Super cheap, but extremely handy! The rings come off so you can give them to your baby individually. I leave a bunch everywhere and he likes to play with them and chew on them as well. He will spend a lot of time with these rings. Click here

5. Natural teething gel with a rubber massager for his gums! Click here

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