Pregnancy Memoirs Part 4 – Third Trimester

The honeymoon-phase-second-semester went by quickly. When I was finally enjoying the pregnancy, time just flew by. I was busy with work, and we also decided to moved to a new place before baby came. I was excited to decorate our new home, and every day we added a little bit here and there to make it perfect for our growing family.

And then came the last one-third of pregnancy: the third trimester. Third trimester begins when you’re 28 weeks pregnant, and lasts until you give birth, usually 40 weeks (that’s your due date). However, you are considered full term when you hit the 37-week mark, and baby can come anytime. Baby Z decided to show up a week early, when I was 39 weeks pregnant.

There’s a lot of emotions that I went through in those last 3 months. I was getting more excited, and nervous, as each week passed by. I was so close to meeting my baby, which also meant a lot closer to labour and delivery! “What does a contraction actually feel like? When will I know baby is ready? Losing your mucus – what???” so many questions that I needed answers to!

Also, each day I got a little bigger, my already chubby cheeks got a little more fatter 😛 Here I am documenting the weeks in the teacher’s bathroom 😛

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A lot of people adviced us to enjoy the last few months of pregnancy, before we had a little one third wheeling us all the time. And alhamdulillah, we really did. We went on loads of dates, and spent a lot of time with each other. Our second anniversary was a month and a half before we had baby Z, and we went to a painting class. It’s something we’ve been meaning to do together for a while, and I’m so glad we did it!


Another highlight was the prenatal class. Remember all those questions I had about labour and delivery? Well the class definitely helped! We took the class with Effie Pallota at The Scarborough Hospital – Grace Campus (where I also gave birth!). There’s a few different options to choose from (montly, weekly, one day) and we decided to go for the intensive one-day class.  And we learned so much! I loved her use of visuals and hands-on exercises to really get the point across. Highly recommend taking a class to first time parents.

Did you know there’s 3 different stages of labour AND that the first stage has 4 phases? Sounds intense right? Well…it is! 😛


By the time week 34/35 rolled around, I was just sick, tired and tired of being sick. I had a cold that lasted for almost 3 months. Your immune system is compromised when you’re expecting, so if you get sick, it takes forever to get better! I had a stuffy nose, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the breathing exercises during delivery. I was also REALLY big by this time, so doing anything took effort. And let’s not forget the back pain. I couldn’t sleep properly and it was starting to catch up to me. Little did I know that was practice for after baby 😛

I was supposed to teach until end of January, but I had to stop 2 weeks earlier. The school was extremely understanding, and I was able to lesson plan and send in work from home. Those last few weeks, I went on walks when the roads were clear, and took it easy. I was very thankful for that. And because my mom was flying in before my due date, I didn’t bother cooking and freezing meals. But that’s something I’d highly recommend you do if you don’t have family/friends cooking for you.


As soon as I was full term (37 weeks), I started doing everything I could so I wouldn’t go over my due date. Here are some things I did:

  • going for walks
  • drinking rasberry leaf tea.
  • eating dates
  • taking one primrose oil per day and inserting one down there before bed (it’s supposed to help ripen your cervix)

I also used to crave bubble tea! Almost every night we would go out for a drive and grab some on the way back (mango diamond slush from Real Fruit Bubble tea…yumm!). We would then come back home and watch some netflix, and wait for our baby to come.

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