Travel With Me – Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Canada is a beautiful country. It’s a shame that I never really explored it much. Every chance I got before, I always travelled internationally to see family (no regrets there though…headed to Dubai and Tbilisi this summer inshAllah! Eeee!)

But after moving to Toronto, my husband and I decided to make annual trips within Canada, starting with Ontario. Last year we went to Schomberg for a few days (read here: Travel With Me- Schomberg, Ontario (Canada)) and a weekend in Niagara Falls, this year we decided to explore Kawartha Lakes in Northern Ontario.

 It was a really nice weekend away from the busy hustle and bustle of Toronto life, and I thank Nahyan for the sweet gesture! ❤

We started our trip around 11 a.m. because I don’t do early mornings…opps. But it worked out perfectly because our check-in at Eganridge Resort Country Club and Spa wasn’t until 3 p.m.

We decided to make a few stops on our way as well, first one being the Fenelon Falls in Kawartha Lakes.


All the walking around the falls (by walking I really mean posing for pictures) got us hungry. We decided to have lunch at The Cow and Sow, near the falls. We didn’t have a lot of options (a lot of pubs and we don’t drink) but we were happy to have found this place.

We ordered the spicy nacho dip and a veggie pizza. That pizza was delicious! It had Italian dressing instead of the regular tomato sauce so we were a little bit skeptical but it really worked! Yumm…

Also, make sure to check out the cute little pie shack. The store is right behind The Cow and Sow so you can walk it there. They had ice-cream, pies, tartes and coffee.


We then decided to start heading towards Eganridge. The drive from Fenelon Falls wasn’t too long (about 15 minutes) but it was very dreamy! I couldn’t help but put on some Bollywood music…. 😛

Our room was surprisingly better than I’d imagined. It was very spacious, had a king-sized bed, a fireplace, a jacuzzi and the balcony lead you right outside to the lake. We decided to spend the afternoon in.


The next morning, we had breakfast at the resort. Not a lot of options, especially since we eat halal, but toast and coffee wasn’t too bad, maybe because we were so excited for what was next…

We were both looking forward to our trip to Kawartha Dairy, which was nominated to be Canada’s best ice-cream last year. They had over 30 different flavours to choose from, and it took us quite a while to decide. I went for mocha-almond fudge, my monkey got cookie dough and we both decided to get mango. I’m not really an ice-cream person but this was delicious. The dairy there probably makes a difference because you could taste the creamy good quality.

After we enjoyed our ice-cream, we took a longer route to head home. We stopped by few times to enjoy the view.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post. If you have any recommendations for our trips to come, do let me know! Xx

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