Walking Backwards

Imagine what the world would be like,

If we all walked backwards.

Would the glistering snow seem any less magical?

Would the peaceful quite moon be loud and vigorous?

Which way would the trees sway when the cool autumns breeze flew its way?

And how high would the waves of the turquoise ocean reach?

Tell me, bolo toh.

Now in this world, where we are all walking backwards,

Would the rich be helping the poor?

“The poor”; how we say the term,

Without a care in the world, without a single tear on our cheeks.

Our cheeks, with the latest shade of blush and bronzer on.


Who has time to think of those children in Bangladesh?

Those children, who haven’t eaten in days.

Those children, who leave their homes and loved ones at the age of six to earn for their family.

Those children, who are beaten and abused for the smallest of mistakes.

Indeed, if we did walk backwards

In a world where the moon had a little bit more to say,

Maybe our sight would have been a bit clearer,

Not overshadowed with hatred, greed and jealousy.

But you never know.

You tell me,

Amake bolo toh.

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